Lee Meyer

Lee Meyer
You always get asked why.  Why do you want to do that?  I don’t even like to drive my car that far!  What’s the point?  Or the common, “you’re crazy”!

What’s the point indeed.  Crazy?  That’s relative to the person.  But everyone has that something that motivates them.  That something that helps them reach that place only they understand, where they are at peace.  For many of us, it comes from pushing ourselves to our physical limits.  That is where the mind breaks down, but also gets out of the way, and allows you to find a strange sense of calm.

But like many addictions, once you start down the path of endurance adventures, you find that you need more.  More challenges and more motivation.  It started with the goal of running a marathon before I turned forty years old (I made it by 6 days).  Now, 10 years later, and after 15 marathons, 50k’s, 50 milers and an Ironman, you ask yourself, what next?  You also wonder, after spending countless hours alone, away from family, whether there is something a little selfish in the pursuit.  Then it comes together.  You realize that if you’re going to expend the energy, it can be put to good use.  Then you get together with a group of like minded individuals and the idea is born, using our adventures to raise money for charity.  Suddenly there is a purpose greater than ourselves, and the feeling of accomplishment that comes from serving a bigger purpose.

As a community bank executive, I see firsthand the effects our economic struggles are having on people. (no, I do not do foreclosures!)  But in comparison, it is nothing next to the devastation that was wreaked on Haiti.  We need to take time and appreciate that we have the health, and the means to pursue our goals, but also need to apply our abilities to helping those in need.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our adventure.  If you can, please help us support Operation Rainbow’s efforts in Haiti.