Kamil Suran

Kamil Suran
I first began to train for endurance events at age 16, when inspired by an Ironman cousin and a marathoner brother. I taught myself free-style and built up to swim 2.4 miles several times a week, rode my bike almost every day and followed my big brother on his training runs throughout the hilly woods. I didn't make it to the starting line because life got in the way with just too many distractions (girls, work, bills, etc).

I changed my perspective on life in the summer of 2008 and joined Life Time Fitness. I started working out every day and was seeking bigger and bigger challenges.

In September of 2008, while working in D.C. area and attending morning boot camps, I had a few sessions with personal trainer who mentioned that the toughest guys from their club were signing-up for one of the Ironman races. My teenage memories came back to me and just few days later I signed up for the first available Ironman - Louisville 2009. The training turned out much harder than anticipated with my body in a different place than 15 years ago. I found myself bonking or cramping on just about every run.

Later in the fall of 2008, I started running with Northwest Endurance, a group of accomplished endurance athletes. I was looking forward to their challenging runs and was thrilled when I was able to hang on with the main pack longer than previous week.

In April of 2009, I got to taste the first race of my life - half Ironman in New Orleans. I quickly realized why people called these guys crazy or insane!!! I could barely walk for a week. I started to train more intensely and participated in as many events as my body could handle, completing 4 more half Ironmans (with PR 4h43m), century rides, open water swims, and many running races by the end of the year.  However, I haven't yet completed a full Ironman because of my infamous late arrival.  Apparently, you have to check in to the event two days before the competition or they won't let you race...ouch!

I started 2010 by running my first marathon.  I was so thrilled by this new challenge that I added many more marathons to my race calendar.  Six weeks later I qualified for Boston by running the New Orleans Marathon in 3h14m.

My goal is to complete at least 20 endurance events this year (marathons or ultras, half or full ironmans) and keep improving my overall fitness to get ready for even bigger challenges ahead. Just to name a few, I’d like to swim across the English Channel and climb to the top of Mount Everest.

I know I’m the only person who stands in my way of accomplishing my goals.  I am trying to motivate and encourage people around me to fulfill their dreams and explore the endless possibilities of their potential. The people of Haiti need more than just a motivation or encouragement, they need the real help, our help.  Therefore, it feels great to have a deeper meaning to our adventure and be a part of something very unselfish.