Jeff Rodgers

Jeff Rodgers
I have been married to my lovely wife, Sherrie, for 16 years and we have two wonderful children; Cole (9) and Kayleigh (7).

I started out in endurance sports as a runner well after I graduated from college to get in shape.  The natural progression occurred with me like so many others.  I started out running a 5k and then moved up to a 10k, half marathon, and then a marathon.  I also thought of myself as a cyclist during this time period until I rode with a buddy that showed me what real riding was like -- I nearly gave up the sport as a result.  Instead, I stuck with it and gradually improved to the point where I wasn’t getting dropped (and lost) on our group rides.  Next, I jumped into triathlons after learning to swim as an adult.  I competed in Mrs. T’s Chicago Triathlon in 2001 and built up the distances, just like running, to the point where I was able to complete Ironman Wisconsin in 2004.

I am now into my 10th year of endurance sports and have completed 14 marathons (Chicago, Green Bay, St. Louis, Grand Rapids, and Boston), 5 Ironmans (WI, CAN, LOU, CdA, and AZ), numerous half IM’s, many century or longer distance rides, and several long distance open water swims.

My primary athletic goal is to complete the North American Ironman series.  I love this race series because it gives me the opportunity to bring my family to great locations so they can enjoy these areas and provide me with the much needed support.  My hope is to demonstrate to my children by competing in these events what is possible if you dedicate yourself to something and work hard to complete a goal.

Each year I also like to try something new besides a different Ironman to keep things interesting and test myself.  For instance, last year it was to swim at the 10k National Open Water Championships in Harbor Springs, MI.  This year it will be to run from the south rim of the Grand Canyon to the north rim and back again with our amazing R2R2R4H team.  When things get rough during our one day 48 mile hike (and it will), I will think about the hardships that the people of Haiti are facing and push myself forward long after my body wants to stop.